In 30 hectares of recovering forest we have 9 cabins in Guadua and 3 furnished country houses in Guadua, a hostel, natural swimming pool, Turkish bath and hot and cold water jacuzzis in the middle of nature, massage area and SPA. We are an ecological paradise with water springs and crystal clear waterfalls that share the scenery with a 1200 year old indigenous ancestral trail and with the traditional Panela trapiche from Antioquia. The adrenaline is lived in a thousand meters of canopy lines with 3 stations and an aerial trail 63 meters long to 10 meters high from La Chonta Creek. For cultural exchange and social events a Maloka with capacity to receive 80 people.



Tropical humid forest, exuberant vegetation and abundant crystalline waters that descend from the Altiplano Antioqueño (2300 masl) to the Magdalena River (200 masl), characterize this municipality that is located 50 minutes from the International Airport José María Córdoba and that is part of the Colombian biological corridor that leads from the South American Andes to the Caribbean Sea.

Average temperature:

24 °C  | 75 °F


Faithful to our philosophy, we promote the disconnection with the daily life and the rescue of our ancestral traditions, those that go back to the time where the feeding was rich in nutrients, our feet were our means of transport, the best baths were of crystalline water to the sound of the birds, the sharing was in front of the fire and the happiness was summarized in being able to lie down on the grass to look at the sky in a starry night.


We love to teach and sensitize our visitors and collaborators about the care we must have for the environment. We promote recycling as a premise for the conservation of natural wealth and the conscious use of natural resources as a means of economic, social and evolutionary development of populations.

Added to this we work mainly with people from our community, providing work and environmental education to our neighbors, convinced that the key to success for the evolutionary development of the human being is in the SERVICE.


Our tribute to La MALOKA traditional indigenous enclosure, a combination of father (cosmos) and mother (earth), is the traditional space where our ancestors gathered to share word and life, to organize their community and to think about the cosmos. The conversations that flow under the roof of the MALOKA integrate adults, men and women, children and youth, all united in learning from each other, from our innate wisdom that emerges in the depths of our hearts. This space promotes the importance of the community meeting as the main stage of integration in which each one can experience and play their own role, relating and knowing each other’s experiences that enrich us as human beings.

Every night we set fire to the bonfire so that the smoke purifies our heart, spirit, thoughts and senses, sharing as brothers, receiving the night with the element fire after living all day with water, earth and air. We have fun with the conversations that are sometimes accompanied by the rhythm of the shawm and traditional and contemporary dances or the magical sound of the strings and drums.

This is the perfect place to open and relax our minds, remember the wisdom of our ancestors, share our thoughts if we wish and feel the power of the fire that enlivens our hearts in the midst of nature.


With more than 60 years of history, our organic panela mill still conserves its original architecture in tapia, bareque and clay tile.

Through the traditional technique in wooden batea, the families of the sector make the panela and enjoy the environment of the milling reviving the traditions of our ancestors.

The final result of the sugarcane work is a wide portfolio of traditional sweets and different presentations of the product that can be observed during the visit to the mill. The panela in its different packaging and textures is consumed and marketed in the eco-hotel and in allied establishments of healthy food.